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Chalc Centerri (Bryan videos)

PERGAMON—(Pergamum) trapped alone in the “Seat of Satan” ruins long after closing time

 Pagan altars of Tusheti




Tusheti horses in highlands


Luxor Nile River sail boat


Tusheti pagan altar


Ruins and tombs of Thebes

 Ancient Ampitheater of PERGAMON "seat of Satan" ruins 


Seagull, (37 bryan videos)


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Lay lady lay performed in China

Florence Bobuli Gardens with Dr. Irma and a large Japanese group for a wedding

YONGSHOU chinese light show on the water

Puyi ,China during buffalo dung fertilizer use season

Hanging out at Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg S+U Warsaw Street junction

Dresden skyline at sunset reminiscing over 1989/90 end-communism times

Walking on the Dresden bridge during a large rock concert

PERGAMON—(Pergamum) trapped alone in the “Seat of Satan” ruins long after closing time

TEN YEARS AGO (2010) in serious landslide in VARDZIA, GEORGIA.

Bryan Adrian with friends waiting for a dangerous rock fall to abate and end near the monastery caves of Vardzia; waiting truckers & SUVs playing their radios very loudly on the same only available radio station.

Tbilisi Animal SWAT team needed late night to free my cat Tiger from chassis of a Jeep SUV

Killer white tiger in Vake district, escaped from the Tbilisi Zoo during massive flood

Summer kebab joint in outer St. Petersburg, Russia

Rocker busker in Moscow

Pompey's Pillar in Alexandria, Egypt, during midday mosque prayers.....

Protestors at Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt, on January 20th, 2012, the DAY OF THE MARTYRS DREAMS, in memory of the killed protestors last January 25, 2011

European School of Tbilisi New Year's Party 2015 for teachers & staff


I am not a professional historian but i have spent decades traveling and studying, outside of universities and religious dogma centers. The Alexandria Library was REALLY COOL!

I went to Efes (Epheseus) to the temples and to the tomb of Hadrian (which is also spelled Adrian) and to the Satan's Table ruins, alone, a rare & unique accomplishment, at night locked in the large national park, with solitary unofficial access to all of Pergamon, touching and smelling everything except what was excavated and put into the famous Berlin museum.

Hadrian's Temple (ancestors of Adrians & Adriatic Sea and Hadrians Wall)

PERGAMON, Satan's Throne

EPHESEUS, oldest whore house in world with footprints inscribed in ground walkway marble to show the ancients the way; also, communal toilets of antiquity; plus, the birthplace of Mary, mother of Jesus

I did lots of investigations at the Temples of Luxor also, in Upper Egypt.


PAFOS, oldest settlement on Cyprus, birthplace of Aphrodite

THE LAST SUPPER, painted BEFORE DaVinci, in ancient Georgia

PISA--Baptistry of the pre-Freemasons GrandMaster of the Templars 1120 AD (precursors of Yale Skull and  Bones)

The most lonely monk in the world, atop his own small mountain, in western Georgia (Georgian commandos use his rock to scale for practice before going to Khyber Pass Afghanistan to fight for Pentagon's pleasures)

Last  Island  of the Real Druids?

Novgorod, where the oldest Russian Orthodox monastery still operates on the spot where the Vikings defeated the Russ tribe thus creating the whole Ukraine-Russian schism later....


SURF'S UP! ... in Batumi, Republic of Georgia on the Black Sea



Bryan Adrian, aka "Quiller for Hire"